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*Trigger warning, topics on and surrounding sexual harassment are discussed, here's the times codes for that discussion: 24:30-41:00* With all this summer going on we forgot about alot of game's

Our Summer of Bonus Episodes continues: no format, loose topics, all fun. This week Manda, Brian, Jo, Troy, and Luis swap their favorite stories from playing Augmented Reality Phone games

Woo Woo! Join Brian, Mandy, Luis, Troy, and Jo as we divulge our impressions on all the announcements from Witcher Con 2021 and Valve's new Handheld PC Console the "Steam

Hey Friends! Before we start season 3, season 2 still has some bonus content coming your way. This week, we talk about the newly announced Nintendo Switch OLED Model. The

And we're back with another Season 2 Bonus Episode! Before we start season three we wanted to experiment with new formats, new topics, and fresh ideas. Thanks for joining us

This episode is cuuuuuute! Our two couples talk about what it's like to be "Married with Gaming". Join Jo, Brian, Manda & Troy as they break down how videogames factor