EP 29 Existential Crisis the Game

Welcome to Taste of Dragons the Video Game Podcast that all the food loving gamers listen too!

This week we follow Brian, Troy, Manda, and Special Guest Jo with what they’re playing and the latest (at the time) in gaming news. They regale you with what games they’ve been playing, they bring power to the Creature in the Well, play Control which might as well be called existential Crisis the game, ERICA where they make some safe and sound decisions, and give their Palico some much needed love and warmth on the new Icy Edition of Monster Hunter IceBorne!  Our Dragons taste the news of the week from Pewdie Pie to NBA 2k, they pimp Borderlands 3 hype, and chat the Tokyo Game shows teasers.   

This weeks ‘Tasty Topic’ has the Dragons talking about streaming game services how many is too many?.

They also voice their praises for the ‘Dragon of the Week’ the Godfather of Video Game Scores, KOJI KONDO!

Recorded at ‘TATE’S Comics’ in Sunny South Florida and powered by our friends ‘The 3000 Brigade’.


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