My Bears Dope

A podcast for everyone’s taste.

Join the Taste of Dragons crew as we chat about the PSP Classic Loco Roco, Troy finishes Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Manda takes on the gyms like a boss in Pokemon: Sword and Shield, Brian gives us the run down on DEAD CELLS, and we give props to our Dragon of the Week KLEI ENTERTAINMENT

We also discuss our favorite in game Winter holiday events and how much we are looking forward to this years 2019 Winter Events. We also started a new segment called Drews News that you can follow us visually on our instagram & Youtube to check out all the fun.

If you’re looking to catch up on recent releases and video games news, join the dragons every Sunday as we shine a little love on this amazing industry. 

Recorded at ‘TATE’S Comics’ in Sunny South Florida- Powered by our friends ‘The 3000 Brigade’.

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