Fallout and Fu Manchus

We are dragons. We eat sandwiches. We play video games. You are welcome. 

Join us this week as as we chat about My Brother Rabbit, Bioshock II: Minerva’s Den, and Fallout 76.  We also reminisce about the mighty days of Microsoft. We might not own an Xbox now, but we all have memories of the magical times when we did. Here to guide us on our journey is special guest, dragon-in-the field, and Xbox expert AJ. 

Our Dragon of the Week is another industry giant. He’s a comic book writer, a video game developer and the father of Fallout lore- Chris Avellone. If you’re looking to catch up on recent releases and video games news, join the dragons every Sunday as we shine a little love on this amazing industry.

Recorded at ‘TATE’S Comics’ in Sunny South Florida- Powered by our friends ‘The 3000 Brigade’.

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