We Sandwich Rank Ghost of Tsushima

Taste of Dragons Gaming Podcast, a jam packed show celebrating and learning about videogames all within an hour ‘n change.

On this week’s episode:

-We talk about the ending of Ghost of Tsushima and give it our Official Sandwich Ranking *SPOILER ALERT TIME STAMPS* 12:00-29:00

-Manda, stirs up the restaurant business in “Cook, Serve, Delicious 2”, and Brian give us his best strategy tips with “Driftland: The Magic Revival”.

-We delve into the Gaming Industry News including Ninja’s return to Twitch, Animal Crossing’s Record Breaking sales, Sony’s State of Play Presentation Controversy, and more

-We challenge ourselves to explain a “Convoluted Game Story in 2 Minutes”. This week we do Kingdom Hearts, Kirby, Zelda, Rogue Galaxy, and Dark Cloud 2

-Finally we talk about Yoko Kanno in our honorary DRAGON OF THE WEEK segment. Come learn about how this legendary anime composer got her start in video games.

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