Splatoon 3 (feat. Mario Movie Magniloquence)

On this week’s episode; to commemorate the 4th episode of our 4th season, we talk about our favorite games that are FOURTH in their franchises. What are yours? (tell us on discord [link below])


Jo also gives us her thoughts on Nintendo’s Paint-filled Shooter Game, Splatoon 3, which was released last month.


We then bust out the gaming news this week that we found interesting, including the new Mario Movie Trailer (link below), new Pokémon Gameplay “Scarlet & Violet” was revealed, and the ever-growing hurdles of the launch of the highly anticipated team-based FPS game, Overwatch 2.


Mario Movie Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KydqdKKyGEk

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Splat Well. Splat Dragon.

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